Hey everyone! Just a few things to report today:

Right now, the AI is really improving. I can hide in an area, and they will find me. Hopefully, they will eventually be surrounding me as well!

I’ve added about 6 new textures to the lava set, and they really help flesh out the set. A guy from the Pfhorums is going to make some new ones as well.

I’ve made a few changes to the hand model, and improved the textures. I also changed the texture to have a glove over the hand. Don’t ask why please. If you want to know, go to the Pfhorums, and go to Projects>>Marathon: Infested thread.


2 Responses to “PROGRESS REPORT 9-6-09”

I’m glad you decided to put gloves on it, but just because the skin texture always looked fake to me. :)

Lol. That’s true as well. :)

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