Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I got kind of lazy, and didn’t meet my deadlines the way I had intended. Today I bring you 7 cool screenshots from Infested. I hope you like them.

Dangit. I just remembered that I didn’t add the awesome pfhor burning effect that the alien weapon needs. :( Blast it, I’ll do that this upcoming weekend. Sorry guys.

Progress Report:

  • Improved AI.
  • Added proper Pfhor Fighter projectile.
  • Added WIH Alienweapon.
  • Added Alienweapon pickup version.
  • Added Alienweapon projectile.
  • Added Alienweapon sounds.
  • Added Pfhor Fighter Ranged Major (Blue).
  • Fixed some projectile and lighting bugs.
  • Reworked some lighting on current test survival map.

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