Hello folks! Two renders of the Hunter model and a progress report today.
The most important part of the report is the “HUD overhaul”. I’m not sure if this new HUD will turn out well or not, but I will be sure to plenty of opinions on the matter before I make a decision. I will probably have the new HUD done by next week, it’s quite different, so reserve judgment until you hear my reasons. Then you can criticize freely.

Also, due to no little controversy on the matter, I have changed the hand textures to a black glove instead of skin. The thing is, many people in the Marathon community see the player as being no specific race due to the way his skin is an unusual color, and his hands look (to some) like he’s wearing gloves. To me, I see him as being white, not only because of the way he’s shown in-game, but also in Craig Mullins’ art, and in Bungie-made art. But to prevent there being a problem, I gave him black gloves, which looks nice anyway. You’ll see that next week.

But enough of that, pics and the report.


  • Improved Pfhor model.
  • Finished basic Hunter model.
  • Fully node-mapped Survival Map 1.
  • Tweaked and fixed weapon scripts
  • Started adding unique loading screens per map
  • Improved main screens
  • Cleaned out old scripts, textures, models and other things
  • Changed hand texture to black/Improved hand texture
  • Overhauled HUD graphcs

Cya next week!

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