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Progress Report 8-16-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on August 16th, 2009

Hello folks! Tonight I bring you some awesome new screenshots of two brand-spankin’ new Survival maps, plus, a screenshot and a an explanation of how I make my lightmaps (for those who use dim3).

First the Survival maps. The monsters here are still pretty WIP as far as textures and animations are concerned, but many of the effects and projectiles are final.

Survival Map #1:

Survival Map #2:

Marathon: Infested Lightmapping process:

First of all, if you’re doing this in Blender, the settings for AO is on the right. These settings bring excellent results on most maps. Yes, shadow baking is important of course, but AO is what really brings out the edges and detail in your map. This is what I do to make a lightmap-

  1. Import final UV mapped version of the map into another Blender file, usually MAPNAME_lightmap.
  2. Duplicate that UV mapped mesh (UV mapped for tiling textures btw, not the lightmap).
  3. Take the duplicate, go to Edit Mode, select the whole thing, and do “Mark Seam” on it. EVERY seam should be cut, otherwise you get nasty UV problems, and loads of work ahead of you.
  4. Right-Click, Unwrap, “Smart Projection”. Default settings are fine, except change the distance between islands to .150, or .100.
  5. Go to Ambient Occlusion settings, and change them to what the screenshot above shows. However, you should use 6 Samples instead of 32 samples for testing the AO, only use 32 for the final bake. It takes a while.
  6. After baking, save a 2048×2048 (or higher) res PNG file of your lightmap.
  7. After this, I just use dim3 lights, no real ray-traced type shadows, except what the AO does. However, if you want shadows, simply duplicate your model, add lights, and do Bake>>Shadows. Add this to your AO layer is PS or similar program.

Now, to give you an idea of what’s really left to do, here are my outstanding to-dos/bugs.

  • AI is working great, but still needs plenty of tweaking, and better node setup.
  • Slightly modified arm model, and rig is needed for all weapons.
  • Finish Survival maps (I’m going about 1 per 1.5 days now!).
  • Finish up animations for all weapons and monsters.
  • Multiplayer stuff like game-modes and such.
  • Various weapon and monster bugs need to be fixed.
  • Complete re-do of all main/loading/prefs/mp screens. Not in-game.
  • HUD work to be done.

Good night, and thanks for reading.


Progress Report 7-27-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on July 27th, 2009

Hold your horses folks! There some major bugs with lightmapping right now, but when those are fixed, and I finish the lightmaps for all the maps (almost done with that), I will take screenshots of every map, and post em here!

Progress Report 7-19-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on July 19th, 2009

Hello folks! I had something to show you today, but I ran into some errors. :( So instead I will talk about others things.

Some cool things I discovered this past week. First, I figured out a great way to use Vertex Colors to simulate an Unreal Ed system of lightmapping, where the edges of rooms are very dark. This effect really brings out the colors in the textures, and makes for a strong constrast. Combined with raytraced shadows, and ambient occlusion, the final result looks excellent!

The 2nd thing I discovered had to do with ambient occlusion. Initially when baking AO maps, I sometimes had problems with the bake being either muddy gray, or almost black on maps that had a lot of closed spaces. As it turns out, if you intend to bake AO for a room that has no exit to the normal world space, you’ll have to remove the roof. Remove the roof, and the AO bake will work fine! Now, the trouble with this, is that the roof will be white, because it is not connected to the rest of the mesh. Simply bake it without a roof, then bake it without a floor, and combine the two!

Anyway, once I figure out this stupid error, I will post some pictures of my latest lightmapped, uh, map!

Until next time.

Progress Report 6-22-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on June 22nd, 2009

Hello folks! No special announcements, so straight to the report.

  • Modeled/UV/Textured BoB
  • Added basic BoB AI
  • Tweaked monster AI
  • Learned a lot about scripting!
  • Did some shader work

I’ll show some screens of the BoB later. Until then…

Progress Report 5-31-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on May 31st, 2009

Hello folks! No new pics today, but I did get a lot done this week.


  • Imported and rigged Hulk.
  • Imported and rigged Spht Compiler.
  • Finished concept art for 5 Survival maps.
  • Added basic AI for Spht.
  • Improved Juggernaut AI.
  • Created Spht Compiler bolt.
  • Bug fixes and more…

Progress Report 5-25-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on May 25th, 2009

Okay! Boom! New lightmapped maps, with some monsters, cool lighting effects, and a great report!


  • Imported all monsters into project.
  • Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Fighter
  • Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Pfhor Trooper
  • Basic rigging/animation/SFX for Cyborg
  • Basic rigging for Juggernaut
  • Basic AI for Cyborg/Fighter/Trooper/Drone
  • New lightmaps/lighting FX for Thunderdome
  • New lightmaps/lighting FX for Route 66
  • Modeled/Textured Cyborg Grenade
  • Created new projectiles for Fighter/Trooper/Cyborg
  • New Normal/Specular maps for Sewage Set
  • New Normal/Specular maps for Lava Set
  • And more that I can’t remember now…

Forum Link: GO TO THREAD

Progress Report 5-18-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on May 18th, 2009

Hello folks. Lots of stuff finished, and cool new stuff coming. I’ve been working on rigging and animating the monsters for Infested. I’ve also been working on AI, and other things. So far, all monster are imported, and most are rigged.

In more important areas, I’ve been getting ready for a graphical upgrade of Infested. I talked to Brian Barnes, the creator of dim3, about the possibility of multi-texturing support, and it looks like we’ll have it very soon. With that, I’ll be able to do a lot of cooling lighting/shadowing stuff to make Infested look a lot better.

Until then…

Progress Report 5-11-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on May 11th, 2009

Hello folks.

Nothing major this week. I upgraded Infested to the latest dim3 beta, and I started adding normal and specular maps, improving the lighting, and doing various graphical tweaks. Lots of bugs to fix, AI to add, monsters to animate. There’s still plenty of work left, but it’s coming along well.

Until next time..

Progress Report 4-5-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on April 5th, 2009

Hello! Sorry for the lack of a group photo of the survival monsters. I had my ACT yesterday, and I was pretty jittery all week, so I didn’t get very much done. Hard to concentrate.

However, I gave the Compiler model to my friend Johan from the Pfhorums, and he animated the cloak with softbody physics, and sent me two videos! Here they are:

Forum Link

NOTE: I forgot to add, this is NOT in game, this was made in Cinema 4D, and does not represent the dim3 engine.

Progress Report 3-29-09

Posted by Alexander Smith on March 29th, 2009

Hello folks. Minor updates today, I haven’t finished anything major since the last update, but I assure you, I want this project completed just as much as you do. :D

I managed to get the Pfhor Cyborg UV map finished (finally) which was a big hurdle, as that model is particularly complex. I also got some basic texture work finished. Aaaand that’s pretty much it. I was working on the UV map all week, trying to get it tweaked and nice where I want it. Plus I had school/other responsibilities I had to attend to.

I’ll be working on the textures for the remaining monsters this week, but I also have an ACT test coming up, so I may or may not have an awesome render of all the monsters together to show next Sunday. Time will tell.

Until next time!